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Will a Dumpster Damage My Driveway? - Ashburn Dumpster Rental Depot

Will a dumpster damage my driveway?

Many customers want to know if they will regret a dumpster rental because of a cracked driveway. The fact of the matter is, a roll off dumpster rental from an inexperienced company could damage your driveway.  

We are here to explain what you can do to mitigate this situation. 

1.  First and foremost, have the dumpster delivered to the street in front of your home.
This will avoid your driveway altogether and will assure that you do not have any damage when you rent a dumpster. We recommend checking into your town to see if a permit is needed since the container will be placed in the public right-of-way. If that is not an option due to local regulations, no sweat! We’ve done thousands of deliveries to a driveway and here is what we do.

2.  The best way to avoid any damage to the driveway is to install 2′ by 6′ plywood boards under the steel feet.
This is absolutely necessary to provide a cushion between where the dumpster and driveway would touch. Request this when we deliver and we will take care of it for you! Please see the photo to the right for a graphical representation of proper placement of the boards.  ​

3.  Do not fill the dumpster beyond the recommended sizes.   
By overfilling the dumpster, additional strain and force will be applied to your driveway, which could result in cracking or damage. Depending on the debris, the trash bin should only be filled to a certain level, so please follow the guidelines to make sure your job does not have overages.

If possible, choose a trailer dumpster with rubber wheels
A traditional roll off dumpster doesn’t have rubber wheels. Rubber wheels will provide a softer surface for loading heavy trash and therefore have less risk of damaging the driveway. New Paragraph